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The Altman Program supports events that promote an integrated approach towards liberal arts and business disciplines, address the interconnectedness of today's globalized world, and touch upon changing opportunities in global economies, politics, and culture - both from academic and practical points of views. Sign up to receive email notification of Altman-sponsored events.

The Role of Diplomats in a Rapidly Transforming World  -  Oct 27, 2021
A talk with U.S. Diplomat Timmy Davis Timmy Davis is the Executive Assistant to the Secretary of State.  Prior to assuming this position Mr. Davis served as the U.S. Consul General for Basrah and Southern Iraq. Mr. Davis joined the Foreign Service as a political officer and his overseas tours... more
Meeting New Altmans: Tamara Guy  -  Jul 30, 2021
Tamara Guy of the 2025 cohort had a unique opportunity to learn about the effects and impacts of technology.  As a high school senior, she participated in a program called the Young People’s Race, Power, and Technology Project (YPRPT.) The program is hosted by The TREE Lab, an initiative of... more
Meeting New Altmans: Rae Stevenson  -  Jul 29, 2021
Incoming Altman Rae Stevenson of the 2025 cohort is an experienced photographer with professional credits on her resume.  Rae first started taking pictures when she received a point-and-shoot camera at eight years old. “My interest in photography really accelerated when I got an iPod touch a year... more
Meeting New Altmans: Tucker Poshard  -  Jul 20, 2021
Tucker Poshard of the ’25 cohort spent much of his time in high school on the Illinois State Board of Education Student Advisory Council.  Tucker applied for a position on the council as a sophomore and joined in his junior year. He was drawn to the advisory council because of the importance of... more
Meeting New Altmans: Ayanna Hill  -  Jul 20, 2021
Incoming Altman Scholar Ayanna Hill joins us this fall already having built an organization from the ground up. She is the founder of Resting on the Word (ROTW), an organization that creates pillows for the unhoused population within her community. Ayanna came up with the idea when she was just 11... more
Keeping up with Altmans: Rebecca Rawson Interns in Uganda  -  Jul 08, 2021
Rebecca at Independence Monument in Old Town Kampala Rebecca Rawson of the 2023 cohort is spending her summer in Kampala, Uganda. She landed an internship with The Global Livingston Institute (GLI), an organization that promotes community development best practices in equitable, sustainable, and... more
Challenging the Western Origins of Economic Modernity: The View from Late-Imperial China, April 9, 2021  -  Mar 10, 2021
Margherita Zanasi discusses her book entitled Economic Thought in Modern China: Market and Consumption, C.1500-1937. In her book, Margherita Zanasi argues that basic notions of a free market economy emerged in China a century and half earlier than in Europe. In response to the commercial... more
Keeping up with Altmans: Keeping up with Charlotte Ehlers  -  Dec 16, 2020
Charlotte Ehlers of the ’22 cohort had big plans this semester, and they took her all the way to Vienna, Austria!  Charlotte was originally accepted as an intern at the United States Embassy in Vienna. Though she was unable to participate in the program, Charlotte still felt the call to live in... more
Altman Alumni: Dalton Smith, Director of Financial Operations at Glass Half Full  -  Dec 03, 2020
Altman alum Dalton Smith decided to stay in New Orleans this spring after earning a Masters in Accounting from the Freeman School of Business. Not only does he work remotely for Credit Suisse, but last spring he also took on the role of Director of Financial Operations for Glass Half Full, a New... more
Keeping up with Altmans: Rachel Altman Leads Unifying Think Tank on Campus  -  Oct 08, 2020
Rachel Altman of the 2021 cohort has taken on the role of Executive Director of the Wave Center for Policy and Enterprise. The Wave Center is a student-led think tank that unites students of diverse backgrounds and intellectual traditions to seek innovative solutions to society's most pressing... more