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The Altman Program supports events that promote an integrated approach towards liberal arts and business disciplines, address the interconnectedness of today's globalized world, and touch upon changing opportunities in global economies, politics, and culture - both from academic and practical points of views. Sign up to receive email notification of Altman-sponsored events.

Meeting New Altmans: Mitchell Spector  -  Aug 09, 2022
Mitchell Spector of the ’26 cohort held an internship with Character Lab, a research program that helps educators create healthy school environments.  He answered some questions about his experience: How did you become involved in Character Lab? What made you want to participate? I became involved... more
Meeting New Altmans: Becca Bollich  -  Aug 09, 2022
Becca Bollich of the ’26 cohort volunteered with the Houston Teen Municipal Court for three years, where she worked to represent and prosecute juveniles with minor offenses. She answered a few questions about her experience:  How did you become involved with the Houston Teen Municipal Court? What... more
Meeting New Altmans: Ava Gutierrez  -  Aug 08, 2022
Ava Gutierrez of the 2026 joins the Altman Program with real world business experience under her belt. She participated in Heights Business INCubator, a program at her high school in which students create a business from scratch.  She answered some questions about her experience: What is the... more
Keeping up with Altmans: What is the 2025 Cohort up to this Summer?  -  Jul 29, 2022
The 2025 Altman cohort wrapped up the Rising Sophomore Study Abroad Program in Merida, Mexico, in June. This left us wondering: what's next? The Altman Program encourages students to focus on academics early in their college career and to hold internships as upper classmen. However, some rising... more
Keeping up with Altmans: Raleigh Kreis Explores European Policy and Business  -  Jun 13, 2022
Raleigh Kreis of the 2024 cohort has found an interest in European affairs.  She became president of Tulane’s chapter of European Horizons, a global student-led policy incubator focused on transatlantic relations and European political affairs. Because of her involvement with the organization, the... more
Professor Yest Named Inaugural Recipient of Lepage Faculty Award for EDI  -  Apr 25, 2022
Albert Lepage (MBA ’71), left, with Anyi Ma and Myke Yest, co-recipients of the 2022 Albert Lepage Faculty Award for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Photo from The A.B. Freeman School of Business News Blog. It is with great humility and pride that the Altman Program recently accepted an award for... more
Essential: Global TV and Film Production During the Pandemic  -  Apr 04, 2022
A 3-Day International Symposium on Film and Television Production During COVID-19 April 9 - 11, 2022 The global COVID pandemic created havoc on public health systems, economic value chains and infrastructures, and the social fabrics of employment, family, and public life. In the film sector,... more
Keeping up with Altmans: Jordan Kirsh-Clemenceau Researches Information Gaps & Access in U.S. Haitian Communities  -  Mar 23, 2022
Jordan Kirsh-Clemenceau of the 2023 cohort conducted an independent research study in the summer of 2021. With interests in the field of technological innovation and product accessibility, Jordan wanted to explore the impact that technology accessibility has on Haitian communities throughout the... more
A Talk With Rhonda Broussard: A Look at Racism Through a Global Lens  -  Feb 21, 2022
“It didn’t just start with British colonial rule in this country… When we think about it from a global perspective, there are ways that we can see all of our local needs, our local questions, our local pain points, that are connected to and amplified on a global scale.” - Rhonda Broussard Date:... more
Keeping up with Altmans: Vishy Kandala Interns with The Institute of Women and Ethnic Studies  -  Feb 14, 2022
Vishy with Ally Coll, a renowned activist in the field of sexual harassment prevention and CEO and Co-Founder of The Purple Campaign. Vishy, along with fellow Altman Scholar Maria Benavides, organized a discussion with Ms. Coll on campus this spring. Vishy Kandala of the 2024 cohort just finished... more