Internships and Fellowships for Altman Scholars

Will and Mr. Altman at Owl Creek
Will Copeland (Cohort 2018) with Mr. Jeffrey Altman during his internship at Owl Creek Asset Management, Summer 2016.

Internship Information

Altman Scholars have many opportunities to participate in internships that align with their academic and career interests. Scholars can engage in internships during the summer following sophomore or junior years, during the fall or spring semesters on campus, or even during junior year abroad. Altman Program staff keeps students abreast of internship opportunities, and scholars have had considerable success securing high-profile internships.

Internship Resources

Career Services is the first place to go for information and advice on internships.

Keep up with career fairs and other opportunities, including Tulane Takeover and the Tulane Remote Internship Program.

Center for Public Service is a resource for community-based internships.

A. B. Freeman School of Business offers a for-credit internship program.

The Political Science Department website is an excellent resource for internship and funding opportunities.

Newcomb-Tulane College offers various grant opportunities to assist in funding internships.

Newcomb Institute provides various internship and grant opportunities.

The Murphy Institute offers summer internship grants for Political Economy majors through the Judith Kelleher Schafer Summer Internship Grant Program. 

The Altman Program provides funding for a select number of scholars participating in unpaid internships through the Altman Program Summer Internship Award.

Fellowship Information

Katie Latham, Grant Little, and Skye Turner
Katie Latham, Grant Little, and Skye Turner of the 2021 cohort were recipients of the Boren Award for their junior year abroad in 2019-2020.

The Altman curriculum and study abroad opportunities put Altman Scholars in a unique position to qualify for several internationally-focused fellowships and scholarships. Altmans have received such prestigious awards as Fulbright Award, Boren Award, Marshall Scholarship, and Gilman Scholarship.

Altman Scholars receive guidance from the Office of Fellowship Advising about nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Click here to see the presentation by Dr. Jennifer Beers and Dr. Thomas Spencer in Fall 2021 about opportunities that might be of interest to Altmans.

Contact the Office of Fellowship Advising for more information: 

Want to Know More?

Securing the right internship or fellowship can lead to an ideal career opportunity. Check out the Altman Alumni page to see where Altman Scholars have landed after graduation.