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The Altman Application, like the program itself, is a rigorous process involving a written application, a letter of recommendation, and a Skype interview. The application is an opportunity both for the Altman Team to learn more about potential scholars and for incoming students to learn more about the Altman Program.


Why Altman?

The Altman Program in International Studies & Business offers students a unique set of academic, intellectual and professional opportunities:

  • The ability to earn two degrees in four years through an integrated curriculum that coordinates extensive coursework in liberal arts, advanced language and business.
  • The resources of a research university combined with the intimacy of a small program where students receive personal, individualized attention.
  • International exposure through the required study abroad programs.
  • Altman stipends for internships, study abroad, and research.
  • Dedicated academic advising to mentor Altman scholars and alumni.
  • Invitations to events sponsored by the Altman program such as roundtable discussions with prominent members of the political and business worlds and cultural celebrations with fellow students.


Altman Applicants

The Altman Program is quite demanding, with a mandatory summer course at the end of the freshman year and a junior year abroad in which the student will be expected to take the majority of his/her courses in their target language. While fulfilling the requirements for dual degrees, students will also be expected to fulfill the public service graduate requirement, degree capstones, and Altman senior seminars.  As a result, only academically accomplished and ambitious students will be accepted into the program as entering freshmen.  Applicants should have preliminary language proficiency, as evidenced by their placement into at least the second semester of their chosen language of study (especially for commonly taught languages such as Spanish and French).  It is recommended that students applying to the Altman program should have earned 10-12 Advanced Placement or equivalent credits before matriculating at Tulane. Included would be English 1010 plus two additional courses that satisfy specific requirements for the BA or BSM degrees, such as MATH 1210, Foreign Language at the 2030 level, PSYC 1000, ECON 1010, or a course that satisfies the lab science requirement.

How to Apply

The 2018 application will go live January 2nd. The early application deadline will be February 15th, and the final deadline will be March 15th. Those who submit their applications before February 15th will be in the pipeline for earlier interviews and possibly earlier admission to the program.​

Please note that your application will be reviewed only if accompanied by a letter of recommendation (LOR) from a teacher or school adviser. You can find the specifics of the LOR just below the application link.​

In preparation for completing the application, please become familiar with the Curricular Requirements of the program. ​

Please find the Altman Scholar '21 Application here.​

Recommendation Letter Guidelines - please give this to your school adviser or a teacher to fill in and submit to us either by mail or email!

Please find the list of frequently asked questions here.



Any questions about the application process can be directed to