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Exploring Thailand in Summer, 2019
Scholars in the 2022 cohort exploring Hua Hin, Thailand, during their summer abroad.


Global South Summer Program

Led by Tulane faculty, this 4-5 week program for Altman rising sophomores will offer students the core course in finance (FINE 3010) for the BSM degree and a course on globalization (ISIB 3010). Subsidized by the Altman Program, students will have the opportunity to explore as a group the cultural and business practices of a region where they would be unlikely to spend their junior year study abroad. This program has been held in Costa Rica, Vietnam, Thailand, and most recently Mexico. 

Introduction to Globalization, or ISIB 3010, is structured as a lens through which students will see and experience first-hand how the global issues are played out in a specific part of the world. The course also pays particular attention to how culture interrelates with and affects all communicative processes, including business ones: being able to communicate across cultures is imperative to our ability to function in a diverse workplace, city, and world. The course’s mandatory service learning component allows students to observe first hand how cultural, national, and socioeconomic identities shape communication. This course is taught by program Co-Director Professor Casey Love.

Financial Management, or FINE 3010, provides an introduction to finance. A broad range of topics is covered, including the valuation of stocks, bonds, and real estate investment projects. Since elements of finance enter all aspects of business, this course is beneficial for all business majors. For finance majors, this course lays the foundation for later courses. Non-finance majors gain a general understanding of finance. This Altman-specific section is taught by program Co-Director Professor Myke Yest. 

The Altman Program covers most costs associated with this summer program.


Cohort 2017 Scholar in Vietnam
Ruth Yao, 2017 cohort, explores Vietnam. Ruth took time during her junior year abroad studying in Hong Kong to travel in Southeast Asia.


Full-Immersion Junior Year Study Abroad Programs

All Altman scholars spend a full year studying at a university in a region where the language they have chosen to study is spoken. While abroad, they learn how to interact in environments that are culturally, linguistically, socially, politically and economically very different from their own. Encountering and making sense of those differences while learning to live, study, work and thrive under them is an essential and meaningful component of the Altman Program. Many times, it is also a defining moment in students’ development as individuals, scholars, and professionals. Altman staff work closely with faculty and administrators in the School of Liberal Art's Center for Global Education and the A.B. Freeman School of Business's International Programs Office in order to identify programs abroad in which students can undertake coursework in their target language while also making progress towards the completion of their degrees. Each student will work closely with Altman staff and advisors in CGE and the Business School to select the programs that meet their academic needs and personal interests.

All students are required to take classes in their target language alongside other local university students and generally have the opportunity to live with a family. Students are not permitted to attend “island programs” where students enroll in specially designed courses for U.S. students, and the Altman Program regularly evaluates its abroad programs to ensure that a maximum degree of immersion is obtained. All abroad programs are also approved by the Office of Study Abroad and the A. B. Freeman School of Business.

In order to get started, students can review the following documents:

Altman-approved Study Abroad Programs*:

  • Chinese-speaking countries – China (Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai), Singapore, and Taiwan (Taipei)
  • French-speaking countries – Belgium (Brussels), France (Cergy, Lille, Lyon, Nice, Paris, Reims, Rennes, Rouen, Sophia Antipolis, Strasbourg, and Toulouse), Morocco (Rabat), and Switzerland (Geneva)
  • German-speaking countries – Austria (Innsbruck and Vienna), Germany (Berlin, Duisburg-Essen, and Vallendar), and Switzerland (Zurich)
  • Italian-speaking countries – Italy (Bologna, Milan, and Rome)
  • Japanese-speaking countries – Japan (Hirakata and Tokyo)
  • Portuguese-speaking countries – Brazil (Florianópolis and São Paulo) and Portugal (Lisbon)
  • Spanish-speaking countries – Argentina (Buenos Aires), Chile (Arica and Santiago), Colombia (Bogotá and Cali), Ecuador (Quito), Mexico (Mérida and Mexico City), Panama (Panama City), Peru (Lima), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville), and Uruguay (Montevideo)

Students receive a $2,500 stipend to help offset study abroad expenses.

*Due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this list is subject to change.

Where Have Altman Scholars Studied?

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