Senior Year

Fall Spring
Senior Seminar I * Senior Seminar II *
Service-Learning 2nd Tier ^ Writing Requirement 2nd Tier ^
Business Major # Business Major #
Business Major # Business Capstone +
Liberal Arts Major ~ Liberal Arts Major ~
Liberal Arts Major ~ Liberal Arts Major ~



Altman Core (cohort courses): Dark blue *

Newcomb Tulane Core Curriculum and Required Non-Business Courses: Red ^

Target Language: Green >

General Business Requirements: Light purple +

Business Major Requirements: Magenta #

Liberal Arts Major Requirements: Yellow ~



Please note that this schedule is only a sample. Each Altman Scholar’s schedule will depend on transfer credits earned before attending Tulane (e.g. AP, IB, or college credits.)

When the sample schedule shows more than the maximum credit hours allowed, some classes will need to be shifted to later semesters. 

Some courses will fulfill more than one requirement. For example, Altman Scholars may take a course on New Orleans Music to simultaneously satisfy the “Aesthetics and Creative Arts” requirement and the “Race and Inclusion” requirement.