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Keeping up with Altmans: Senior Nate Benjamin awarded a Fulbright

May 05, 2016 5:30 PM

Nathan "Nate" Benjamin just graduated from Tulane as a member of the inaugural class of Altman Scholars who were admitted back in 2012. While on campus, he majored in Political Economy (B.A.) and Management (B.S.M.), became President of the Model U.N. club and studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He also found time to apply for to the Binational Business Program through a Fulbright Award. In late April, he learned that he had won the award and will be headed off to Mexico City, Mexico next year to work in a business. 

We sat down to talk with Nate before he left campus in May about how he found out about Fulbright and what he hopes to learn while in Mexico. Read our interview below. 

Altman: What is the official name of your award?

Nate Benjamin (NB): Fulbright-Garcia Robles Award in the Binational Business Program.

Altman: Why did you pick Mexico? And what do you hope to learn while you're there?

NB: First and foremost, I wanted to apply for a Fulbright in Latin America to improve my Spanish. I chose Mexico because I was interested in the Business aspects of the program and wanted to gain that deeper knowledge of business practices in the country. Mexico is an important economic partner for the US this experience will help me understand international trade from a different country's perspective. 

Altman: What will you be doing in Mexico?

NB: I will be working in a company that is either based in or has an office in Mexico City, working on individual projects and learning about the company by assisting in its daily functions. 

Altman: How do you think a year on this Fulbright program in Mexico will enrich you or make you a better job candidate?

NB: My Fulbright year will enhance my skills and my job candidacy in a number of ways. Having a strong grasp of Spanish will open opportunities to me all over over the world. Beyond that, time spent working in a company outside of the US will broaden my experiences in a working atmosphere, enhancing my mental flexibility and my attractiveness as a job candidate. 

Altman: What skills and knowledge do you have to contribute to your host company and country?

NB: I have an incredible enthusiasm for doing good work, strong communication skills and the flexibility necessary to tackle any problem. I am also a very empathetic person, so, coupled with my Spanish language skills, I hope to participate in a great deal of cultural exchange.

Altman: Where did you even get the idea to apply for a Fulbright!?

NB: Well, my mom was a Fulbright Scholar, which first planted the seed in my head. It's a legacy thing, I suppose. Then I went to an information session facilitated by the Honors Program here on campus and started looking into the different options within Fulbright. Then, the staff in the Honors office helped me really form my essays and prepare me for the application process.


The Altman Program is so proud of Nate's achievement and will be following his work in Mexico so stay tuned! Congratulations, Nate!