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Altman Innovation: Daniel Goldbaum and BragOn

December 15, 2015 4:15 PM

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Walking around Tulane University, one would be hard-pressed to find a student who doesn't have a smartphone with more than a few mobile applications, better known simply as "apps," that they consider to be vital! Altman Senior Daniel Goldbaum is working hard to add one more to the cache of apps that students can't get by without. During his sophomore year at Tulane, a friend of his, who grew up bargain hunting at estate sales, came to Daniel with an idea for an app that helps people learn about sales and specials through word of mouth. Over the course of the next two years, while tackling school work and studying abroad, Daniel and his team worked to bring their idea, which would come to be called BragOn, to life.

Daniel and his team have experienced some ups and downs over the past two years as they have worked diligently to develop BragOn. After raising capital in order to hire a developer group in India to build the app's interface, they have had some challenging times communicating with their team overseas. One of the main hardships is simply the time difference. In order to communicate with the developers in India, Daniel and the team have to stay up pretty late in order to Skype when it's the beginning of the workday on the other side of the world. Other times, work schedules get interrupted when there are holidays, power outages or even protests.

But, Daniel knows how to go with the flow. Having worked on the project for two years now, he knows the importance of taking his time to make sure everything is right before launch. In the meantime, the BragOn team is taking advantage of another useful app – Slack – that allows them to share documents and messages with different groups from their phone, computer or tablet. Ultimately, Tulane and the Altman Program have been great incubators for the BragOn Team as they prepare to launch this January. Check back with Altman for updates on how to share Mardi Gras specials once BragOn is available this spring!