Academic Enrichment Programs for Altman Scholars

The Altman Program seeks to maximize opportunities for intellectual exploration and scholarly engagement for Altman Scholars. Toward that end, Altman Scholars have the option to simultaneously participate in programs offered by the Newcomb-Tulane College Office of Academic Enrichment.

Academic Enrichment for the Class of 2025 and Beyond

Newcomb-Tulane College has redesigned the Honors Program for students entering Tulane starting Fall 2021. It is possible for Altman Scholars to participate in programming facilitated by the NTC Office of Academic Enrichment, such as joining the College Scholars program or writing a senior honors thesis. For more information on programs, visit the Office of Academic Enrichment website:

Honors Program for the Class of 2022-2024

To facilitate participation in the Honors Program, Altman Scholars will be allowed to utilize select Altman Program cohort classes to fulfill Honors Program curricular requirements in their freshmen year: 

  1. Fall semester freshman year: TIDE 1060: New Orleans: The Global at the Local. 
  2. Spring semester freshman year: ISIB 1910: Study Abroad Pre-Departure: Maximizing Global Learning. Honors students are also required to attend the Honors Thesis Forum at the end of the spring semester. 
  3. Rising sophomore summer session: ISIB 3010: Introduction to Globalization.

Altman Scholars who decide to continue in the Honors Program will be encouraged to take COLQ 2010 (a course offered to all Honors students) in sophomore year and to write an honors thesis in senior year.

Joining and Continuing in the Honors Program

Many Altman Scholars join the Honors Program at the invitation of Admissions when they are accepted to Tulane. Those in the Altman Program who are not originally invited to join the Honors Program may become Honors students by participating in the coursework described above.

Altman Scholars who continue to participate in Honors throughout all 4 years at Tulane must adhere to all general Honors Program requirements including the GPA requirement.